We are looking for a narrator!! Local and native speakers of foreign languages are also welcome.
This service allows professional narrators to deliver narration audio recorded at home to customers via the Internet.
As requests are often received via the Internet, providing detailed information from narrators is important.
For this reason, please send us detailed information as a possible range, such as your profile and past response cases.
Also, we will post your profile, etc on the web as a principle, excluding personal information that you sent, please make available information for disclosure. And, if you have sent us a response case that cannot be disclosed or a document that corresponds to your resume information, please send it by attaching a file after specifying it in the “Inquiry” column.
After reviewing your submission and for those who wish to register, we will send you information on the reward conditions and a sample manuscript.
If there is no problem with the reward conditions, please send us the narration audio file of the prescribed manuscript and the necessary data.

Work experience as a pro narrator
Narrator history
Preparing audio files for web samples YesNo
Submission of profile information and publication on the web YesNo
Submit and publish past narration case information YesNo
Submit your introductory photo or video and publish it on the web YesNo
Anonymous registration for posting on the web WishOK with real name
Easy audio editing AvailableNot available
Full name※Required/span>
Postal code
Phone number
Cell phone number
Email address※Required
How I learned about this website
Delivery of mail news NecessaryUnnecessary
[After approval, it will be posted on the WEB as it is]
Your name (or anonymous)
Japanese Furigana
Self PR
Good genre
Good reading
Sample audio (MP3) attachment file
Support for studio recording projects YesNo
Appearance in video production projects (local shooting) YesNo
(Please attach a photo if possible)